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What our clients say

Ms Tshidi Kwela

Current Company Name: Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund

Position: Manager Central Administration Support Services

“Sam was engaged by the organisation to support our leadership team through a2complicated organisational change.  His forthrightness and willingness to listen helped us develop better working relationships, focus on team goals and restore a balance. Sam’s ability to recognise, understand and explain complex professional relationships has revolutionised my thinking and more importantly my actions. His practical analysis and sound advice helped me embrace a new role within our team that required clear focus, innovation and leadership that is essential for organisational effectiveness, sustainability and business results. Being coached by him is an experience that I will always look upon as transformational. His flexibility in reacting to people’s differences and ability to bring out the best has been extremely useful in building the team.”

Mrs Lindiwe Sangweni-Siddo

Current Company Name:  City Lodge Hotel Group

Position:  Divisional Director Operations1

“I experienced Executive Coaching from Mr Sam Tsima for a period of two years. It was a most wonderful part of my journey as it enabled me to explore my professional growth as the CEO at the time of a large hospitality entity that was undergoing change.  I realised that Executive Coaching had to be extended to my Executive and Senior Management team, in order to ensure that there was a congruent direction as we addressed: corporate governance, operational systems, change in behaviour and professionalising of key individuals. I recommend Executive Coaching for all CEOs and leaders of organisations.  Thank you Sam Tsima, for being an ace Executive Coach”

Ms Tokoza Kwinana5

 Current Company Name: University of Johannesburg

 Position: Director HR Business Partnering

‘’It was a right time intervention at the right time, there were specific areas I was focusing on pertaining to my career and the coaching helped with these. Through the coaching I was able to achieve those focus areas ’’


Ms Samkelisiwe Malevu

 Current Company Name: Soweto Hotel & Conference Centre

  Position: General Manager4

“This was something I never thought I would do but when I started last year with Bab Tsima I found it to be very exciting, it challenged your state of mind and made you discover a different YOU. It touched every corner of being ME from my personal life, career, family, my marriage. I have implemented some of the lessons I learnt through coaching into my daily life and it has made me a better person.”

Mr Hope Mabaso

Current Company Name: Garden Court Sandton

Position: General Manager

“Mr Sam Tsima’ methods has helped me not only to structure my career but to 3balance my personal life , he is not only a coach but a partner in one’s life guiding you to make informed decisions about life and career and any business interest you might have. His wise and informed coaching methods has been great help to me , even when I had to leave my ex job it was a very difficult transition  in my life with his mentoring and coaching I have managed to overcome some  of the obstacles in my life.”

 Mr Kibiti Ntshumaelo

Current Company Name: Lekwa Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd

Position: Managing Director
6You cannot remain in the trenches if you are destined to reach your vision. It is important to get busy with the operational running of a business!! An eagle’s eye perspective is required often this view is better when it is focused, assisted and critiqued from outside the business environment!!! The journey of mindfulness requires alertness of the internal environment as well as the external environment. My journey with Mr Sam Tsima of Cometsa has been in the last two years, very rewarding: – emotionally, physically and spiritually. It embodied completeness in all spheres of busy lifestyles. It empowered me to be in touch with the nourishment of the body, the mind and the soul for complete and total high performance in leadership. It assisted me to assert myself as a “serial entrepreneur’ and as a visionary leader. The coaching sessions helped me to impact and reorganise the many priorities that are competing for my time, as they say, time is money! But often we neglect the building blocks of how the goals are achieved!!!