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Our Coaching Process


Step 1 – Coaching Proposition: The acquisition of the coaching clients, known as pre-contemplation, happen as a result of a number of opportunities like public platforms, referrals and networking.

Step 2 – Contracting, Coaching Intake, Bonding and Rapport Building (Chemistry Session): The coaching intake is one of the key aspects of the coaching programme, and no coaching session will take place before the intake is complete.
Step 3 – The Actual Coaching Session: Coaching session number one, is often regarded as a follow up to the chemistry session, and we work with the client on broader understanding of what coaching is and is not. This is helpful, especially when the client has not experienced coaching before. The client is exposed to the eco-system of coaching. Our first three coaching sessions are dedicated to the formulation of the coaching topic, goal and at least three coaching objectives for the six to twelve months coaching programme. It.
Step 4 – Session details: Each coaching session template cover page and report contain the following standard data about the session; coaching session no, client name, position/title, organization of the client, date of the session, start & end time of the session (duration of the session), venue of the session, method (face to face, telephonic, skype, etc.).
Step 5 – Checking Out: Every session is concluded with a checking-out of fifteen minutes. This serves as the evaluation of the session and the commitment to action/or change of behaviours/practices by the client.
Step 6 – Details of the next coaching session: Before closing the session, a discussion about the next session takes place. This is to make sure that we are aligned with the schedule as produced by COMETSA office, and to determine if there are any changes that we need to deliver to the office. The key aspects of the next coaching session are the date, time and venue.
Step 7 – Closure: This take a form of chitchatting and walking the client out of the venue.
Step 8 – Post session analysis: At the end of each coaching session we prepare the client feedback report, and update the coaching portfolio for the client.