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The 2018 COMETSA PMS Lekgotla Networks Line-Up:

We are aware that most of you, the professionals, and your organizations are already putting together plans and populating your calendars for 2018. We want you to consider the opportunity to join our 2018 monthly series of COMETSA PMS Lekgotla Networks. It is a journey to greatness through shared learning. The series qualifies you as a COMETSA Lekgotla Expert Facilitator.

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Welcome to COMETSA Sam Tsima Methodologists (Pty) Ltd.

Our coaches are qualified professionals and have been exposed to latest  coaching programmes.


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Sam Tsima Writes

  • Mentorship Practice on the Go - Introduction
  • The LEKGOTLA Way Conversation (African Methodology)
  • The Art of Being Original and Letting Go of the Ideas to Evolve

Countdown to Our 21st Anniversary

1st August 2018